• Wire Harness For Vibratory Soil Compactors

    Our range of wiring harness for vibratory soil compactors
  • Wiring Harness For Mining Equipment

    Our range of wiring harness for mining equipment is manufactured as per
  • Solid State Relays

    Compact design, reliable solid state relays provide Infinite switching
Safety devices & Controllers  

Safety devices with maximum versatility Easy to use for operators, easy duty selection modes, Comprehensive fault reporting, data logging (bypass hour Over hoist, over load, boom approach etc.) Fully tested Against temperature, humidity& vibration, multiple load Sensing, audible alarm and Bar graph for visual indication Of SWL (Safe Working Load). Solid state timing circuitry based controlling devices High performance and reliability.

Safe Load Indicators

Slimmest designed which compiles to the requirement of Indian standard, reverse polarity protection, low and over voltage protection, 10.2VDC-48.8 VDC operating voltage, working temp. -20 °C to 70 °C, full water proof, vibration resistant.

Electronics latch

Solid state relays used for latching the operation of "Push to ON/OFF mechanism". Used in compactor for Vibration on/off. 12-24VDC operated, vibration up to 100 Hz, transient protection, IP-67 equivalent.